In Europe, Asia and Beyond

River Cruising is one of the best ways to explore Europe and Asia for anyone interested in amazing scenery, culture, history, food, wine and beer. 

Floating boutique hotels transport you on spectacular voyages via Europe and Asia’s great rivers. Once integral trade and transportation routes, rivers are now gateways to cultural and culinary enlightenment. River cruising is the most seamless way to navigate treasured landmarks and experience authentic life on the riverside.

A certified specialist with 7 river cruise lines, I can match you or your group to the best cruise for your desires and needs. Wine or beer focused cruises, kid friendly sailings, art, music, or history intensives are just a few of the options. The only Jewish family-owned luxury river cruise line offers a series of Jewish Heritage cruises on the Rhine and Danube. 

I also work with another France-based cruise line that features trips through the canals of France and beyond on new barges for small groups, families, couples or solo travelers.

For solo travelers, river cruises offer the benefit of specially priced single cabins or waived single supplement sailings on many of my preferred cruise partners. Within hours, you will have a new group of friends for meals, touring and evening socializing.

Very romantic and hassle-free, river cruising is ideal for couples of all ages. You can be as social as you would like, or find places for alone time.

River cruising is also a great option for multi-generational families interested in fun and enrichment. Suites are an option on many lines, offering spacious accommodations for families. One line partners with Disney to offer cruises perfect for families. Newer ships are being built with connecting cabins. 

River cruising offers groups the benefits of ease, all inclusive pricing, yet a variety of cabin choices.  

For lovers of wine or beer, the river cruises offer unsurpassed access to local purveyors. On board, beer and wine is always included with lunch and dinner. The wines or beers are carefully paired with the gourmet foods of the region.

Food is usually excellent and market driven, with a variety of options to please everyone. Healthy and vegetarian selections are always offered, and the ship’s chef will work with dietary restrictions. Although small enough to fit through locks and dams, the river cruise ships use space creatively, and often feature alternative dining options. Chef’s tables and special wine rooms are popular on European cruises, and need to be reserved as soon as you get on the ship.  

Most ships offer a choice of excursions, usually with a gentle walking option for those who need more time to get around. Bicycle or hiking tours, and special excursions are sometime offered, as optional or included services. Fitness and wellness classes are widely available and most ships have a spa. Some even have pools on the top deck! 

Everything is well organized and planned for you. Less experienced travelers can relax knowing every detail is considered and flawlessly handled, from your arrival to the time you are transferred back to the airport. 

All the logistical work is arranged, you have access to sights not easily visited, and the ship’s layout enables you to choose between solitude and socializing.

Pre and post stays can also be designed to maximize your experience, either by me or with the cruiseline for a seamless vacation.

Please contact eva@Epic-Experiences.com or by using the contact form below to discuss which river cruise is right for you or your group.

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